We are looking for a partner who wants to develop a market for photocatalyst working together with us.

* Sales of Catarise products
* Using Catarise products for your own business
* No royalties, No contract fee (subject to some contract terms and conditions)
* Send your inquiry for contract terms and conditions.


Advantages of making contract with us.

  1. Price for sales agent
    You can purchase our products at favorable sales agent price.
    You can purchase at such price not only for wholesaling and retail sales, but also for your own use to process photocatalysis on your products.
  2. Use of data in our home page
    You can download various information in our home page such as many test data, product manuals, product photos for using your home page and catalog, brochures, sales promotion materials.
    (ID and password assigned for sales agent are necessary to access and download such information.)
    You can freely use such downloaded data and information for your photocatalyst product sales activities.
    >> Click here for exclusive pages prepared for our agents
  3. Sales support
    We are developing sales tools (such as demonstration package) to advertise effects by photocatalyst in easily understandable language.
    Various examples of other agents’ sales activities are also supplied to you.
  4. Technical support for applying photocatalysis effects on your products
    Advice for your development of photocatalysis products will be given, and help for how to do evaluation tests of the products will be rendered.
Copyright © CATARISE CORPORATION ,All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © CATARISE CORPORATION ,All Rights Reserved.