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Catarise Corporation is a manufacturer of photocatalysis coating liquid.
We offer high performance photocatalysis products and total solution with photocatalyst.

Business concept

Message from Osamu Hayakawa, President

It is almost a half century since principle of the photocatalyst was discovered in Japan.
In Japan, many development of products utilizing photocatalysis function has been done ahead of the world.
Recently, market for photocatalysis products is also developed in Asia and Europe, etc. But, still Japan is leading in technology and know-how for this field.
CATA(photocatalyst) is a technology first developed in Japan(a country where the sun RISEs). This field is one of the fields in the world market wherfe Japan can take the initiative in environmental industries.
Our company name (Catarise) comes from above statement. It implies our pride as a Japanese maker of photocatalyst products, and dream for business success.
For the decade, we have experienced various problems which jeopardize our lives, such as food safety, new type virus, sick house, air pollution, etc. People’s concerns for safety, security and peace of mind are at the highest level.
Catarise’s photocatalyst products are developed for applications for clothes and interior articles used in our daily life.
With our products, life can be more eco-friendly and comfortable, by applying for processing in various items around us.
Catarise is offering to companies who try to develop new business using photocatalysis technology with not only high performance photocatalyst coating liquid, but also solutions and know-how for the business.
We are looking for sales agents who would want to develop photocatalyst product market where big growth is expected together with us. We hope you will join us and work together for the promising market.


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About Catarise Corporation

Foundation Mar.2006
Capital JPY 10,000,000
President Osamu Hayakawa
Address KSP-Think, Keihin bld.2F
1-1, Minamiwataridacho, Kawasaki-ku
Kawasaki, KANAGAWA 210-0855 JAPAN
E-mail info@cata-rise.co.jp
TEL +81-44-201-7451
FAX +81-44-201-7452
*Please contact us via Email or FAX.

Business content

Develop, manufacture and sale of product improve environment mainly in photocatalyst.
Develop, manufacture and sale of new functional products.
Develop, manufacture and sale of environment improving technologies.


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Copyright © CATARISE CORPORATION ,All Rights Reserved.