We introduce various usage of Catarise Photocatalyst paint/spray products.

These are examples of applications. You could use for more applications with new ideas.
It can be used for various purposes such as antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-mold and anti-virus functions, and countermeasures for sick house, poisonous gas.

  • For textile and clothing:
    Users: Apparel manufacturers, interior manufacturers of curtain and cloth, bedclothing makers, furniture makers of sofa, chair, and partition, etc.
    Applications for: clothes(uniform, suits, etc.), curtain, bedclothing, carpet,sofa and partition cloth
  • For construction and interior items
    Users: Construction firms, house makers, interior work companies, housing maintenance service companies, house cleaning companies, automobile dealers (for new and used cars)
    Applications for: wall paper, interior materials such as tile, car interior materials, curtain, sofa, etc.
  • For automobiles and vehicles
    Users: Laundry companies, Linen supply companies
    Applications for: clothing, linen goods, futons, carpet
  • For various products
    Users: artificial flower makers, pet shops, nursing care service providers, makers of various supplies and articles
    Applications for: Artificial flower and tree, interior goods, cabinet for home electronics products, pet goods like carry bag
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Copyright © CATARISE CORPORATION ,All Rights Reserved.