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Super Hikarimist

Suggested retail price:
\2,000 (excluding tax)


Super Hikarimist (enhanced visible light activating) Hand-trigger type (150ml)

Photocatalyst for your home! It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Antibacteria and deodorizing functions with sunlight and room light only.
High performance of photocatalyst coating paint of Hikariactor is incorporated in spray type product for simple and easy use for home.

◆Keeps high performance under LED lighting.
Compatible for sunlight, fluorescent light as well as LED lighting.

◆Remarkable deodorizing effect.
It can remove odors which can’t be removed by conventional deodorants, and it decomposes and eliminates odors from perfume.

◆Remarkable antibacterial effect.
Effective for bacteria and virus! 99.9% antibactrial effect!

We accept orders for OEM production of Photocatalysis spray.

We can make photocatalysis spray under your brand and your original package design. Please feel free to send your inquiry for OEM purchase.

This product is different from conventional deodorant spary.

“Hikarimist” coating spray should be applied on interior articles and clothes first.
Then, sunlight and indoor light will activate photocatalyst on the surface of those articles, and harmful materials such as odorous components and bacteria will be decomposed and eliminated.

Quick Manural 1

Quick Manural 2

(1) Effective for various kinds of odors and bacteria

Hikarimist has antibacterian and deodrorant effects regardless of various kinds of odorous components and bacteria, and furthermore it is effective for poisonous gas, pollen and virous. Highly versatile model.
Effective for new types of bacteria and virus too, and useful for prevention of infection. Antibacterial action by photocatalyst will hardly generate resistant bacteria.
Conventional deodorant spray deodorize by combining odor and deodorizing element, but there are some odors which can’t be eliminated due to unsuccessful combining.
Hikarimist can deodorize various kinds of odors which could not be removed, because it decomposes and eliminates any types of odorous components and bacteria. It also prevents reproducing of odorous components.
* Here are differences from conventional deodorizing spray. (Refer to Quick Manural 2)。

※Here are differences from conventional deodorizing spray. (Refer to Quick Manural 2)

(2) Effects last for long time once spray coating is done.

Hikarimist brings antibacterial and deodorizing effects when the area where spray coating is applied is exposed to the light.
The effect lasts for 6 months to one year, though it varies depending on applications and locations of spraying.
Photocatalyst component won’t be reduced even it causes deodorization and decomposition, and the effect is kept as long as photocatalyst component remains after it is spray painted. The effects for clothes and in-room space of deodorizing and antibacterial function are maintained for long time.
Conventional deodorant spray brings best effect when sprayed. So, it is necessary to spray from time to time to get best effect.
Photocatalyst spray maintains its effect for a long time, and can reduce stains which gradually attach like tobacco stains.

※for period of effect and usage amount: Refer to quick manual 2.

(3) Friendly to the environment and energy saving

When using Hikarimist, spray so that it sticks to the object, instead of trying to spray around in the air, or spray to the smells.
Once you spray, the effect continues for 6 months to 1 year by the object being exposed to the light.
No electricity necessary, and minimum burden to the environment. To feel clear effect, how to use and amount of usage matter.

Where to apply :
Wall paper, curtain, sofa, artificial flower, pet goods, car seat, clothes. Main use is for textile products.

Amount to use: 
Guideline: One bottle of “Superhikarimist” (containing 150ml) should be sprayed to 10 square meter area (such as whole wall of Japanese 6 jyo tatami room).
When you use less amount, you may not feel the effect clearly. So, use generously.

How to use:

Spray widely and evenly over curtain or sheet, and then dry it up.
Then, deodorizing and antibacterial functions start when the sunlight or indoor light irradiates.

※Refer to “Quick manual 1”

Recommended for these people:

Person who wants to use photocatalyst but feels it won’t be easy to use.
— Because this is spray type, the latest technology of photocatalysis process is easy to do.
It can be used in various articles and places such as indoor, in the car and clothes, etc.

Person who wants to keep room air clean.
— When wall or curtain is spray coated, it functions like air purifier with the light, and whole room air is purified. Effective for pollen too.

Person who wants solution to remove odors from pets and cigarette which are sticky and hard to eliminate.
— Photocatalyst decomposes and removes various kinds of odors.
Also, it has reducing functions for yellowish stains which accumulate gradually.

Person who wants to protect from virus and bacterias.
— “Hikarimist” has not only deodorizing but also antibacterial functions.
It decomposes and removes virus and bacterias regardless of their types.

Person who wants to always keep items clean which can’t be washed frequently such as suit, stole and hat, etc. 
— Clothing can be kept clean always because photocatalyst has deodorizing and antibacterial functions under light exposure.

Person who can’t decide which deodorizing spray to choose, as there are many kinds in the market.
— Clothing can be kept clean always because photocatalyst has deodorizing and antibacterial functions under light exposure.

Person who does not want to use deodorizing spray so frequently.
— You can use “Hikarimist” photocatalyst spray, because it fits for various applications and places.

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Copyright © CATARISE CORPORATION ,All Rights Reserved.