What is Photocatalysis

Features of Photocatalysis

Feature 1Photocatalysis process can be applied without damaging the raw materials.

Photocatalysis process can be applied on organic materials such as textile products which was difficult to do in the past.
Textile products can be processed while keeping original wearing comfort, and both durability and phototatalysis performance are attained.

Feature 2Photocatalysis process can be done easily.

As preprocessing on base materials is not necessary and using a single liquid, photocatalysis processing can be done easily on various types of materials and products.
This paint is normal temperature hardening type, and it is possible to apply without any heat treatment.
This coating paint is water-dispersible and it is not necessary to use organic solvent. So, this product is environmentally friendly.

Feature 3Compatible with various conditions.

We have a line up of the product, and you can choose right product for different processing objects and conditions.
We have a full line of the product, and new models such as photocatalysis effective with visible light, hard type coating paint so that you can use for soft materials or hard materials, and under good or poor exposure to the sunlight.

☆As a proof of good quality products, we have obtained PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan) certification marks for our products which are tested under JIS test standards.
(Note: PIAJ certification mark can be used for the products which are certified for good performance and safety by Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan.)

☆We do R & D in house in order to develop and introduce timely new products meeting market demand, and products of high cost vs. performance ratio.

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Copyright © CATARISE CORPORATION ,All Rights Reserved.