Product introduction

Hikariactor G

For interior items in the room and car
For processing of various products

Photocatalysis paint for interior application and after processing on products using spraying device such as spray gun. Easy and quick processing with single liquid type paint.

Hikariactor G3(RS-G3) passed antivirus effect (for UV) test standards specified by PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan) for the glass panel processed by RS-G3 and obtained PIAJ certification mark.

Photocatalyst performance indicator for the product



  • Construction firms,
  • house makers,
  • interior work companies,
  • building & housing maintenance service companies,
  • house cleaning companies,
  • automobile dealers (for new and used cars),
  • Home cleaning companies,
  • etc.


  • Hospital,
  • Nursing home,
  • School,
  • Public facility,
  • Hotel room,
  • Ryokan Inn,
  • Office,
  • Factory,
  • House,
  • Condominium,
  • Inside of bus,
  • taxi and automobile,
  • For artificial flower and tree,
  • for interior decoration items,
  • etc.
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Copyright © CATARISE CORPORATION ,All Rights Reserved.