Product introduction

Hikariactor H

For interiors of building, For processing of various products

This paint forms harder coating film, and can be used for various panels and tiles. Also, it can be used for soft materials such as cloth and wall paper.

No extra heat processing is necessary. Just paint and dry up. Effective with weak UV light and visible light.

Hikariactor H3(RS-H3) has better photocatalysis performance than previous models, and suppresses color alteration of the applied material.

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ヒカリアクター Hシリーズ


  • Construction firms,
  • house makers,
  • interior work companies,
  • building & housing maintenance service companies,
  • house cleaning companies,
  • automobile dealers (for new and used cars),
  • etc.


  • Hospital,
  • Nursing home,
  • School,
  • Public facility,
  • Hotel room,
  • Ryokan Inn,
  • Office,
  • Factory,
  • House,
  • Condominium,
  • Inside of bus,
  • taxi and automobile,
  • For furnitures (laminated board, steel),
  • electronic products
  • etc.
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Copyright © CATARISE CORPORATION ,All Rights Reserved.